Greg Dickinson

Greg Dickinson

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Greg is the CEO of Omedym, the provider of Self-Service Engagement, helping companies move from a traditional push model to a modern consume model through Smart Watchable Assets. Greg is passionate about helping you increase sales and customer satisfaction by changing how your customers engage with you. Create conversations that count with Omedym.
  • The Demo Dilemma Webinar with Omedym

The Demo Dilemma

By |2020-04-18T16:43:40-04:00Jun 19, 2019|Webinar|

Summary Software buyers have changed. Today's buyers are always connected, and increasingly expect to experience the products they're researching - not just read about them, early in their buying journey. If our buyers want to see our products earlier in [...]

  • Product-Led Growth book

Product-Led Growth

By |2020-04-18T16:44:44-04:00Jun 19, 2019|Webinar|

Summary Wes Bush is the founder of the Product-Led Institute who teaches SaaS leaders how to flip the traditional sales playbook on its head and ignite their growth engine with the Product-Led Growth methodology. In this webcast, Omedym CEO, Greg [...]