Case Study: How MercuryGate Creates Self-Educated Buyers & Efficient Demos


MercuryGate is a leader in freight transportation management, enabling autonomous logistics through a purpose-built transportation management system. MercuryGate’s solutions are used by shippers, 3PLs, brokers, and carriers around the world.


Karen Oxenford-Melcher, VP Global Presales at MercuryGate, joined MercuryGate in 2020. Once on board, she quickly identified opportunities to improve the demo process and increase revenue.

The Problem: One-Size Doesn’t Fit All

Karen noticed that demos could be better tailored to address the specific challenges faced by prospects. Not only was it important to understand their needs but it was equally important to adhere to their preferences. Adopting an approach that meets prospects where they are whilst delivering upon company objectives required thoughtful modifications to the pre-sales process.

Because value is top of mind when meeting with prospects and delivering demos, insightful and efficient handoffs are a requirement. Therefore, gathering pertinent information and delivering those insights to the pre-sales team in advance became the preferred approach. This would help reduce the risk of losing deals because prospects perceived the solution to be too large, too complex, or too confusing.

Armed with this rationale, it became clear that there was an opportunity to rethink how demos were planned and conducted. In addition, it fueled the drive to significantly increase close rates and revenue as she and her team identified the following areas for improvement:

  • Demo methodology
  • Customized demos rather than the “one-size-fits-all”
  • Prospect vetting to reduce the amount of unqualified prospects

The Solution: Ungated, Searchable Demo Portals

Karen wanted to give prospects a way to learn about MercuryGate’s technology on their own prior to engaging with sales and receiving a “one-size-fits-all” demo. Omedym’s technology allowed MercuryGate to set up ungated, searchable, and on-demand content that could be viewed in advance. This is what Karen referred to as the “no-touch” demo.

ungated, searchable demo portal

By applying this approach, results showed that:

  • Visitors spent on average 17 minutes consuming content in the portal.
  • Visitors engaged with the portal during non-business hours (at night and on weekends).
  • Access to ungated content led to higher engagement rates with gated content.

In leveraging Omedym as a solution, it was noted that when inbound leads and ‘tire-kickers’ had access to curated content, live demos led to more meaningful and productive discussions. In large part due to Omedym’s ability to deliver user focused analytics, the MercuryGate pre-sales team was able to understand prospects’ areas of interest and then deliver more customized demos which resonated with buyers. In addition, analytics helped reduce preparation time required for demos.

The Result: More Effective, Efficient Demos that Propel the Sales Cycle

Since implementing Omedym into their demo processes, MercuryGate has experienced an uptick in engagement:

  • 52% of viewers engaged with content
  • 11% of website visitors registered for gated content
  • and 50% of visitors returned to consume content at a later date.

Providing inbound prospects with the ability to learn about MercuryGate and its products on their own time has resulted in more knowledgeable, educated buyers and has given the Pre-Sales team an easier way to qualify prospects and deliver effective demos.

Karen explains that “Because our buyers are coming to us more educated and because they’ve watched these early videos, we’re able to have deeper, more meaningful conversations and even better demos on the back end because they’ve learned our lingo and how our system works up front.”

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