Digital Sales Rooms: Why B2B Companies Need One and Which To Choose

A digital sales room is a virtual space where B2B sales teams can engage with potential clients and customers, share sales materials, collaborate, and close deals. Essentially, it’s a platform that enables a company’s sales team to conduct the entire sales process online, from prospecting and pitching to closing and post-sale follow-up.

There are several reasons why B2B sales teams need a digital sales room.

1.Reach more buyers at the same time

Digital sales rooms allow sales teams to reach a wider audience and engage with buyers who aren’t located in the same geographic region. In addition, buyers can access the digital sales room at any time, allowing sales teams to work multiple deals at once.

2. Create a more efficient sales process

Digital sales rooms allow sales teams to manage all aspects of a transaction in one place. Most digital sales rooms can integrate with other tools including CRMs and marketing automation tools, saving sales teams from entering data manually.

3. Provide buyers with a modern and convenient buying experience

B2B buyers today want a rep-free, digital experience. Instead of having to schedule in-person meetings or phone calls, buyers can simply access the sales materials and information they need at any time from any location in the digital sales room.

4. Offer buyers a customized buying experience

Most digital sales rooms give sales teams the ability to customize the sales room to match the buyer’s unique attributes, including company name, buyer persona, industry, pain points, etc. A personalized buying experience creates a more valuable experience for the buyer, accelerating the sales cycle.

5. Store and access historical data about each transaction

Digital sales rooms store all of the historical data about a transaction in one place, making it easy to stay informed about a deal and eliminate redundancy.

Overall, digital sales rooms are a valuable and essential tool for B2B sales teams looking to improve their sales processes and close deals more efficiently. Plus, a digital sales room gives buyers the information they need to make confident decisions and eliminate buyer’s remorse.

Why Fortune500 Sales Teams Choose Omedym as Their Digital Sales Room

Omedym offers sales teams the typical qualities of a digital sales room while providing unique advantages that improve close rates and speed up the sales cycle. Below are 8 reasons why successful sales teams rely on Omedym.

1. Buyers find answers to their questions immediately with “in-video search”

Buyers accessing Omedym type anything into the search bar (questions, phrases, key terms, etc.) and are taken to the exact second of a video or page of a document that matches the search query. Buyers answer questions on their own, instead of skimming sales and demo materials or waiting hours/days for sales to answer.

2. 40 buyer intent attributes that accelerate revenue growth

Sales teams automatically receive insights into buyers’ intent across 40 attributes. This data empowers sales teams to know what matters to buyers, provide a relevant experience, and guide buyers down the sales process.

3. Sales teams easily customize the experience for buyers

Sales can add and remove content within seconds to make the experience more valuable for the buyer.

4. Sales teams use templates to easily create multiple rooms in seconds. 

Sales teams choose different templates to accommodate certain buyer personas, company types, industries, and products, saving hours of manual work for sales teams.

5. Simple communication with buyers

Omedym provides buyers with a chat function to interact with sales in real-time and share documents essential to the progression of a deal. Plus, sales team members’ contact information is always visible.

6. Seamless handoff from Sales to Customer Success

When a deal is closed, Customer Success can see the entire transaction history in Omedym, eliminating redundancy and creating a pleasant experience for buyers. Plus, Sales teams can continue focusing on closing deals because they don’t need to spend time explaining to Customer Success everything about the deal/new customer.

chat file share 2

8. Predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive revenue

Omedym provides sales teams with suggestions to increase buyer engagement and likelihood of purchase. These predictive and prescriptive analytics are fueled by data gathered in over 45,000 experiences and counting.

Get Started With the Ultimate Digital Sales Room

Omedym offers B2B buyers with a modern, convenient buying experience and provides sales teams with the insights they need to close deals quickly and often. Omedym is an essential part of any B2B company leveraging a go-to-market strategy centered around digital experiences.

Learn more about how Omedym removes the friction from the buying process by meeting with an Omedym team member when it’s convenient for you. Or, experience the product for yourself in this on-demand digital experience.