• Billy Bateman

Optimizing Your Drift Chatbot

By |2020-04-18T16:31:44-04:00Oct 30, 2019|Webinar|

Chatbots and livechat (e.g. Drift) can transform how you turn visitors into buyers.  During the webinar, learn how you can generate up to 25% more meetings for your sales team by combining Drift with Omedym. Chatbots and livechat should help [...]

  • The Demo Dilemma Webinar with Omedym

The Demo Dilemma

By |2020-04-18T16:43:40-04:00Jun 19, 2019|Webinar|

Summary Software buyers have changed. Today's buyers are always connected, and increasingly expect to experience the products they're researching - not just read about them, early in their buying journey. If our buyers want to see our products earlier in [...]

  • Product-Led Growth book

Product-Led Growth

By |2020-04-18T16:44:44-04:00Jun 19, 2019|Webinar|

Summary Wes Bush is the founder of the Product-Led Institute who teaches SaaS leaders how to flip the traditional sales playbook on its head and ignite their growth engine with the Product-Led Growth methodology. In this webcast, Omedym CEO, Greg [...]