In this episode of  We the Sales Engineer,  host Ramzi Marjaba talks with Omedym CEO, Greg Dickinson.  According to Ramzi, a common conversation he has with other Sales Engineers is what’s next?   Here are the options he usually hears in response order:

  1. Stay a Sales Engineer
  2. Go into Sales
  3. Switch to Technical Marketing
  4. Get promoted to SE management

Ramzi shares that he hasn’t heard a single person talk about becoming a CEO. And that while he obviously hasn’t met all Sales Engineers, he thinks that SEs are uniquely qualified to do so. They understand engineering, sales, and now with the advent of social media, they learn marketing. This might be a simplistic view, but they’re definitely skills that help. What does Greg think it takes? “You can’t be afraid to take that chance!”

In this show Greg and Ramzi discuss:

  • Greg’s Career Path from Software Engineer to CEO
  • What is Sales Operations?
  • How to go from SE to CEO?
  • Having mentors even as CEO
  • Skills SEs have that help being a CEO