Give convenience, gain control.

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Sales teams only get 6% of the buyer’s time

Make sure that when prospects do interact, they are a lot more educated. And by knowing what they watch, you can have more productive conversations and reduce the sales cycle.


How do I give buyers the self-service they demand and still control the journey?


Prospects are doing 50-70% of their research on their own

Make it easy for prospects to understand what you do and how you do it. And engage them for longer on your website by giving them something watchable to interact with vs. video they won’t take the time to watch, or even worse, something they won’t read.


How can I keep customers engaged on my website?


75% of customers want self-service to address support issues

There is little patience for creating trouble tickets or searching a static knowledge library. Help customer find exactly what they need with minimal effort and let support staff focus their time on exceptions.


How can I set up a self-service asset that makes it easy for customer to watch how to solve their issue?


80% of purchasers want a consumer-level experience and will switch vendors to get it

No one reads release notes any longer and they don’t have time for lengthy webinars. So remove the friction and give customers an easy way to get excited and informed about a new release.


How can I share new features with customers and get them excited to try them?


Hear how our customers are using Omedym Self-Service Engagement

Gan Integrity

Gan Integrity provides an integrated compliance solution targeting global prospects.

“My sales team knows more about their prospects with Omedym.“
—Neil Lustig, CEO Gan Integrity

With Omedym, our inside sales team has another weapon. Now we can provide a prospect-specific demonstration and content portal for each prospect. Our prospects quickly learn more about our solution, and we know more about them by the questions they ask.


LegalSifter offers software that reads contracts and gives advice before signature, reducing risk and saving time.

“Omedym lets my prospects engage the way they want when they want.”
—Kevin Miller, CEO, LegalSifter

Many of LegalSifter’s prospects are businesses and law practices that simply do not have the time to engage with us. With Omedym, we can educate our prospects on our solution 24/7/365. Making this available to visitors all over the world when they have time has allowed us to move opportunities through our sales process faster.

Keith Krach

Keith Krach, former CEO/Chairman at Ariba and Docusign, is a sought-after speaker at events and conferences.

“YouTube helps Google get views, Omedym helps get views.”

Every day visitors can choose from the hundreds of questions already in Omedym or ask new questions. The Omedym platform searches in and across the library of content to find the best answers. Now, instead of driving traffic to Youtube, where other ‘Non-Keith’ content might be available, we are able to control that user experience. We are also seeing a positive impact on our website visits and dwell time.



increase in website dwell time


decrease in demo bounce rate


increase in sales pipeline velocity