Changing the customer experience
—one demo at a time

The world of software sales has changed:  our customers, their expectations, our processes, how and what we communicate.

With the exception of the product demo.

Technology has transformed our customer’s journey and how we manage our sales cycles

Our customers want to self-educate. And in the process, they don’t want to speak with us. They expect to be able to access the specific information they want, when they want it, wherever they are.

Yet when it comes to demos, we force our customers to go through the traditional “request demo” process, which starts with filling in a form and ends with an in-person demo.

At best, we provide short demo videos, which may or may not address a customer’s specific questions and requirements.



85% of prospects don’t want to deal with your “request a demo” process. DemoOnDemand provides immediate secure access to your product demos

Customers need information on demand

If customers can’t get the information they want, how they want it, at the exact time that they’re looking at your website—they’ll look elsewhere. Don’t forget that there’s always more than one buyer, and they’re all looking for slightly different information at different times.

If your website doesn’t have the information the customer wants at that specific time, they’ll leave your site and move on to your competitor’s. And that may be the last you hear from them.

Give your customer control of the demo

Imagine if you could provide your customers with a completely different demo experience. One which puts the customer in control: the customer gets to create the demo they want, based on their specific interests with no pre-sales or sales involvement.

The customer can:

  • Interact with the demo
  • Ask it any question
  • Search for any information

…as many times as they like.

Search questions like…

“Does the product do…?”
“How does the product do…?”

The answer might be specific sections of a product demo video. However, it might also be in another piece of video content (such as a webinar recording), or a datasheet, whitepaper, blog.

What if your customer could see what other customers, like them, are asking? Benefit from the experience of their peers?