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"4x CEO Neil Lustig On Why The B2B Sales Paradigm is Broken"

Selling Between the Steps, Ep.3

Guest speaker Neil Lustig, CEO of Arkestro, joins Joe Williams to discuss why the B2B Sales Paradigm is broken and shares his proven GTM approach. 

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"Protect Your Revenue: How To Adapt to Evolving Expectations of B2B Buyers"

Selling Between the Steps, Ep.2

Guest speaker Leah McTiernan, GVP of PreSales at DocuSign, joins Joe Williams to share her perspective on the changing B2B sales landscape and provide valuable insights into new buyer expectations.

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"How To Win Back Influence Over Deals"

Selling Between the Steps, Ep. 1

Guest speaker David Rudnitsky, President and Board Advisor to multiple enterprise SaaS businesses, joins Joe Williams to share how to provide value and build trust in a digital sales motion.