Chatbots and livechat (e.g. Drift) can transform how you turn visitors into buyers.  During the webinar, learn how you can generate up to 25% more meetings for your sales team by combining Drift with Omedym.

Chatbots and livechat should help you turn more web visitors into buyers.  Unfortunately, even the most optimized chatbots fail to engage the majority of web visitors.  Web visitors show us, look around, then leave.  Visitors don’t find sufficient reason or value to engage with the bot at that time.

Billy Bateman, “the chatbot whisperer” is the Co-Founder of ChatFunnels, experts in helping teams optimize their digital conversations.  Billy and his team have analyzed chatbot paybooks and implementations to understand why visitors fail to engage.  They’ve also looked at techniques that significantly increase visitor engagement and drive more meetings.

During this live 45 minute webinar you’ll learn how to supercharge your chatbot and find out how other companies – such as InsidesSales – are generating up to 25% more meetings for their sales teams.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How other companies are driving 25% more meetings from their chatbot
  • Strategies to generate more conversations and meetings, combining chat and conversational video demos
  • How to use your chatbot to engage users, based on their behavior, when your sales team isn’t available