Happy Prospects Make Great Customers

Find out how DemoOnDemand helps software companies change their customer experience
(one demo at a time)

How DemoOnDemand Works

DemoOnDemand transforms:

  • how software companies deliver product demos
  • how prospects and customers access and view product demos

For the Software Prospect and Customer

It’s simple – your prospect clicks the “Request Demo” button on your website. Only this time, they’re invited to start their demo immediately.

They type in their questions…

  • “Does your product do…?”
  • “How does your software do…?”

DemoOnDemand takes them to the exact spot(s) in your product demo videos that answers their question. They control how they view the video (play, stop, rewind, forward). They’re wowed by the information they learn in the video hotspots. They love the “recommended questions” selected for them and intrigued by the “trending questions” their peers have recently asked.

And, when they’re ready, DemoOnDemand connects them directly to your team.

For the Software Company

It’s simple:

  • Upload your product demo videos, or any other content you want (webinars, sales presentations, product overviews, white papers).
  • Edit your content with keywords, hotspots and recommended questions to ensure you’re guiding the prospect’s journey.
  • Test and publish.
  • Uncover your prospect’s interests and concerns through analytics and reporting.

Then go on your next sales call already knowing what questions your prospect is asking, and which competitors they’re talking with.

Welcome to DemoOnDemand!

Welcome to a new customer engagement experience!