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Your current demo process isn’t working! That’s according to our research conducted across hundreds of software companies.

Find out how DemoOnDemand is transforming the demo process for companies like you.

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Your digital product demo is a great Call to Action!

Issue:  Your content marketing isn’t producing the leads and results you want. Prospects want to see and experience your product, not just read about it.

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Add a contextual link to your digital demo to any digital content – web pages, email, blogs, social media. Your buyers can now experience what they’ve just read about with a quick contextual demo!

Transform your web to lead conversion rate

Issue:  Marketing does a great job attracting visitors to your website, but your web to lead conversion rate is low.  Prospects read about your products then leave.

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Add contextual links throughout your website, linking your web content to specific sections of your digital demo in DemoOnDemand.  As they read about your product and functionality, prospects can quickly experience what they’re reading about with a contextual, interactive demo. 

Your prospects get the demo they want immediately, anywhere, any time

Issue:  Prospects don’t want to fill in an online form and speak with sales, just to take a quick look at your product.

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DemoOnDemand gives prospects immediate, secure access to your interactive product demo. Add links on your home page and throughout your website to your searchable, interactive demo as a high converting Call to Action.

Prospects get a product demo on their schedule, not yours

Issue:  Your inside sales/business develop reps are on the phone with a prospect.  The prospect is interested and wants to get a quick demo. Your process puts them through a full “qualification” process before the demo is scheduled for a later date.  The prospect is annoyed.

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The salesperson sends the prospect a link while they’re on the phone with them, and they go through the online demo together.  Any sales person – not just pre-sales – can now “give” an awesome demo. The prospect is delighted.

Reduce your Customer Acquisition Costs and resourcing issues

Issue:  All prospects expect demos, sometimes multiple demos during the sales cycle.  However, your software has a low price point. You’re selling through channels or breaking into new lower cost markets and can’t justify the high cost of delivering in-person demos.

You’ve tried trials, but they have a low conversion rate. You end up wasting valuable resources on prospects with a low probability of conversion who just want to check out a few features.  

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Demos are now delivered on a self-service basis using DemoOnDemand.

Prospects get the personalized demo they want, every time

Issue:  “Great opportunity!   Just give them your standard demo”.  We’ve all given in to requests for “show up and throw up” demos.  They’re bad use of everyone’s time, especially your prospect’s. Early in their buying cycle prospects don’t want to see a full demo – they’re just interested in understanding some specific aspects of your product.

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Prospects access DemoOnDemand to get a personalized demo that answers their specific questions, whenever it’s convenient for them, with no pre-sales involvement.   Every detail of their demo is captured automatically.

Any software company can start to become product-centric with interactive, searchable demos

Issue:  Your prospects are demanding to experience your product early in their buying journey.  Your product is too complex or not suited to a downloadable trial. Your company’s not able or ready to support trials.

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Prospects can experience your product when, where and how they want to, as often as they like, with interactive, searchable demos.

Improve trial conversion rates with self-qualifying prospects

Issue:  Prospects download your trial in order to experience your product, in some cases to avoid your “request a demo” process.  Too many are still in the “tire kicking” education phase and not ready to commit resources to a trial.

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Prospects experience your product with interactive, searchable demos and self-qualify themselves out of or into a trial. They’re now committed to the trial and understand exactly how your product can help them.

Trial conversion rates increase, and costs decrease with interactive, contextual demo assistance

Issue:  Your trial conversion rates are low.  Too many prospects download your trial then abandon it.  Your scheduled emails are missing the mark. Your customer success and support costs are going up.

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Interactive, searchable demos give prospects a GPS to guide them through the trial.  Contextual demos and automated demos based on in-product behavior gives prospects exactly the information they want and results in higher conversion rates.

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