B2B Revenue Executive Experience Podcast with Greg Dickinson

The bounce rate on requested demos on the website is 85%. The demo is the way to help that buyer understand what you do, presents the value, and acts as a trial for them on their own time. So don’t hold it hostage.  Welcome to software demo videos.

What’s covered in this podcast

On this episode, host Chad Sanderson interviews Greg Dickinson – CEO of Omedym –  about the dreaded software demo.   During the interview, Chad and Greg discussed four key points about today’s buyer and the role of the demo:

  1. Four ways to remove friction from today’s consumer business buyers
  2. How you can create the time in your sales cycles for meaningful discussions
  3. Why your products are actually your best customer acquisition tools
  4. Why you should open up your product demos and let customers research on their own time

Reasons why “request a demo” doesn’t work any more

If your “request a demo” bounce rate is at least 85%, it’s a sure sign that you’re turning away 85% of your web visitors.  They’re fed up with filling out a form before finding out what they want to know about your product.

If you are a sales rep, you’re probably thinking that the deal’s in good shape if you make it to the demo.  But there’s always something unexpected that happens.  When was the last time you went to a website wanting to learn more about someone’s product, saw you had to request a demo through a form, and just abandoned the site?  That’s because you know what’s going to happen next.  You’re looking at a two day or two week delay, just to see the product.   Top of the funnel, you’re on a website or the phone looking for a product experience.

Omedym Software Demo Video

Omedym’s software demo video changes all that by allowing you to use your demo as a customer acquisition tool.  From the top of the funnel when an unknown visitor first comes to your website, through the entire buying journey and beyond.