Why We Started Omedym

We started Omedym because the demo, a strategic part of the sales cycle, was still being delivered the same way it was back in the 1980s. A scheduled, repetitive, late in the sales cycle, people intensive, expensive step that doesn’t match today’s buyers’ desire for a digital-first experience.

From that simple starting point, we’ve expanded our platform to be an end-to-end digital buying experience used by pre-sales, sales, marketing, and CX. Most importantly it supports what buyers want most—a digital buying experience.

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When we researched what was happening, we quickly learned that buyers want more control and convenience and expect access to product experiences well beyond the information typically on a website or sent from sales. They’re frustrated because most software and SaaS companies make their prospects comb through mountains of information to get answers to questions.

We realized the problem. And the problem was there were no good tools to help software companies give their buyers what they wanted—a digital buying experience.

Digital buying experiences on the Omedym platform increase buyer engagement by drawing your prospects in as they search and explore the topics that matter the most to them. Sales sees the prospect’s complete digital footprint giving them the insights they need to target the selling motion. They know every stakeholder engaged in the sale and the content they’ve viewed. This enables sales to take actions to shorten the sales cycle and expand the selling opportunity with guided product experiences.

Omedym, my demo spelled backwards, flips the script on the buying process by digitizing the experience. It’s time to empower your buyers to buy and your sellers to sell digitally—with Omedym.


Expertise From A Team Of Software Veterans

The Omedym founding team was on the front lines of marketing and selling software at enterprise software companies for many, many years. We experienced the pain and challenges of getting buyers to engage in a meaningful way—especially early in the sales cycle. Why was this? The companies we sold for had great solutions.

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Greg Dickinson

Chief Executive Officer
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Janet Coddington

Chief Financial Officer
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Doug Udoff

Chief Customer Officer
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David Vins

Chief Technology Officer
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Joe Williams

Chief Revenue Officer
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Alex Weitzel

Marketing Manager