Three Big Challenges Of Accelerating Engagement To Close

1. B2B Buyers have changed.

Buyers are younger, more technology savvy, and don’t want to follow a “traditional” sales process. Many outright avoid sales for fear of being inundated by even more outreach. B2B selling needs an “extreme makeover” if it is going to connect with today’s B2B buyer.

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2. Buyers’ true intent is elusive, making B2B selling difficult.

Buyers keep their cards close, never wanting sales to know what they’re really thinking—so sales never really knows their authentic intent. This leaves sales "guessing" what's most important to the buyer.

3. B2B buying is a team sport.

Every deal now includes multiple stakeholders, each with their own agenda, requirements, and veto power. Yet, sales only gets a small percentage of each prospect’s time. Limited time means limited information, less control, and less influence.  

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Today's B2B Buyers Expect A B2C Experience.

B2B prospects expect the same self-service, content rich experience they’ve been conditioned to receive with B2C. They want to go at their own pace, to learn about your products before they engage sales, and want a light touch, quick response to their questions.

The Current Sales Approach Drives Buyers Away.

A rigid, step-by-step selling process frustrates early prospects who are not ready to talk to sales, making them unwilling to do discovery. And throwing more resources at early prospects makes the problem worse.  

Businesses Are Not Using Their Product To Build Pipeline.

Early prospects expect a self-service, rich product experience to gather product knowledge before engaging sales. Withholding product information limits their ability to self-qualify and encourages them to seek other options.  

Omedym Provides A New Approach: Integrating Digital Selling Into Your Sales Process To Accelerate Engagement To Close

How We Do It

  • We simplify early buyer engagements through private, secure digital sales rooms created in seconds by anyone on your sales team. 

  • Our rooms make content searchable, letting prospects educate themselves and get immediate answers to questions.

  • When a buyer searches, they're provided with results that bring them to the exact second or page that answers their question.

  • This generates hundreds of additional interactions, none of which require involvement from the Sales team. 

  • This insight is sales gold, revealing your prospects' authentic intent. Sales now knows everything each buyer wants to know, allowing reps to guide deals to close.

Why It Works

  • A digital and sales-guided experience embraces today’s selling dynamic where buyers are in the driver’s seat. We give you the insights to tailor your engagement.

  • Your product is a part of the sales process from the start. Prospects gain an understanding of your value early in the sale, because they can search for what’s most important to them.

  • Sales is responsive in minutes and hours vs. days and weeks, as they see every question your prospects ask and are digitally answered.

  • Prospect engagement is continuous and your product is always present. Prompted by sales or the system adding more product content, your product plays an integral role in influencing your prospects throughout the process.

How It Works

Private digital sales rooms make content searchable, letting prospects educate themselves and answer questions immediately instead of hunting through content.

Prospects can access their private rooms when it's convenient to them, including nights and weekends.

Prospects can easily invite other members of the buying team, enabling them to sell on your behalf.

Why It Works

Buyer actions provide continuous digital discovery throughout the sales cycle.

Digital discovery includes every action by everyone - every topic searched, seconds of videos watched, pages of PDFs read, and more.

This insight is sales gold, revealing your prospects' authentic intent. Sales now knows everything each buyer cares about, allowing reps to guide deals to close.

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The Value It Delivers: Transforms Your Sales Motion To Be Digital And Human

Change is at hand. B2B buying looks more like B2C every day. Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, Shopify, Google Cloud… have proven that complex technology can be bought digitally. Embrace the change. 

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Convenient Process

Give your prospects what they want — a digital and sales guided experience, rooted in convenience, transparency, and trust. 

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More Deals, Higher Value

Win MORE deals for HIGHER VALUE in LESS TIME — all with fewer resources. See significant impact on the top and bottom lines. 

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Sales Force Multiplier

Omedym is a force multiplier of your sales process - not a replacement. Sales covers more accounts and provides a more engaging prospect experience to each.

Why Sales & Sales Enablement Pros Love Us


  • Very easy for Sales reps to use - no training required. Log in and go!
  • Sales reps can build personalized portals in under 60 seconds.
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Fast Implementation

  • Make use of your existing video and documents. No need to create anything new.
  • New Omedym customers can be up and running in hours, not days or weeks.
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Google-Like Search

  • Buyers enjoy a walk-up, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to search and find the information they need inside your content.
  • Buyer actions, including searches, content watched, and topics chosen, tell Sales reps what matters to buyers.
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Lifecycle Engagement

  • One deployment supports Marketing, Presales, Sales, and Customer Success.
  • Omedym supports the entire customer lifecycle, from the first-touch on your website, to a closed-won deal, to onboarding and implementation.
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Over 50,000 buyer-centric digital sales rooms built! Read why users love it.