Interactive Demo

Give your prospects what they want: a self-directed product experience with the power to search for what matters to them.

Featured in Gartner's 2023 Interactive Demo Market Guide As A "Transformative Platform."

B2B Growth teams use Omedym's searchable interactive demos in three ways.

Replace Request A Demo

You spend a fortune getting potential customers to your website. Unfortunately, they're met with a "Request A Demo" form, which 90% of visitors abandon. The result is a staggering cost per lead.


Omedym allows your buyers to learn about your product the way they want: through an on-demand, self-service product experience that leads to far more qualified leads than a demo form.

Digital Discovery

Forcing potential customers who are not yet ready to talk to sales down a rigid, step-by-step selling process frustrates them and makes them unwilling to do discovery. 

As prospects explore your product, Omedym captures every action, delivering ongoing, hands-off digital discovery that reveals what’s important to the prospect. It’s the most authentic qualification and discovery you’ll ever have.  

Sell Between Meetings

Following up with prospects by sending multiple emails risks having information get lost in inboxes and overwhelming prospects with content. And sometimes, a file is simply too big to attach to an email.

Omedym lets sales reps add relevant content to a single, private location for each prospect. Prospects consume new content on their own time and sales reps know when and for how long a prospect viewed the content.

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How Is Omedym Different From Other Interactive Demos?

In-Video Search

  • Product tours are tedious, not personal, and don't allow prospects to ask questions. Additionally, they don't show Sales & Marketing teams who is clicking through the tour.
  • Omedym indexes every word of your video and PDF content, making it possible for prospects to search within your content and get immediate answers to their questions.
Prospects search for what matters to them


  • Every prospect is unique in their level of interest, knowledge, and urgency. Other interactive demos force each prospect through the same demo, leading to a frustrating experience with high abandon rates.
  • Omedym spans the entire customer journey, giving each prospect the ability to proceed in the buying process at their pace.
Prospects search for what matters to them

Private & Secure

  • Other interactive demo platforms allow prospects to share links with others who may not be approved to view the content, causing compliance and security risks.
  • Omedym rooms are private to a specified domain and new visitors must be approved before they can access content. Omedym tells you exactly who is accessing what.
Prospects search for what matters to them

The Result: a larger pipeline full of self-qualified opportunities that are educated about your product and ready to talk to your sales team.

Why Are So Many SaaS Businesses Struggling To Grow Qualified Pipeline?

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Today's B2B Buyers Expect A B2C Experience.

B2B prospects expect the same self-service, content rich experience they’ve been conditioned to receive with B2C. They want to go at their own pace, to learn about your products before they engage sales, and want a light touch, quick response to their questions.

The Current Sales Approach Drives Buyers Away.

A rigid, step-by-step selling process frustrates early prospects who are not ready to talk to sales, making them unwilling to do discovery. And throwing more resources at early prospects makes the problem worse.  

Businesses Are Not Using Their Product To Build Pipeline.

Early prospects expect a self-service, rich product experience to gather product knowledge before engaging sales. Withholding product information limits their ability to self-qualify and encourages them to seek other options.  

Give your buyers what they want. Experience an on-demand, searchable interactive demo now.

How It Works

Private digital sales rooms make content searchable, letting prospects educate themselves and answer questions immediately instead of hunting through content.

Prospects can access their private rooms when it's convenient to them, including nights and weekends.

Prospects can easily invite other members of the buying team, enabling them to sell on your behalf.

Why It Works

Buyer actions provide continuous digital discovery throughout the sales cycle.

Digital discovery includes every action by everyone - every topic searched, seconds of videos watched, pages of PDFs read, and more.

This insight is sales gold, revealing your prospects' authentic intent. Sales now knows everything each buyer cares about, allowing reps to guide deals to close.

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