Cost Containment

Traditional GTM Strategies Are Costly And Ineffective In A Buyer-Centric World.

Traditional strategies create inefficiencies that result in slow growth and higher customer acquisition costs.

Shoehorning Traditional GTM into a Buyer-Centric World Is Extremely Costly.

People-Only Selling

Adding more people to your sales team does not move the needle on revenue generation. On average, 17% of the sales team delivers 81% of the revenue.

Omedym's buyer centric approach allows you to double-down on your best talent, enabling them to punch through the glass ceiling of productivity by scaling their engagement with potential customers. 

Seller Technology

Seller-centric technology has become obsolete in today's buyer-led market. If fact, it's actually put an additional burden on sales reps, forcing them to manage technology rather then interact with customers, leading to low adoption rates. You're paying millions for underutilized shelf ware.

Omedym is built specifically to be used by your buyers, acting as a digital teammate that lets sales reps get back to selling.

Gated Sales Process

You spend a fortune getting potential customers to your website. Unfortunately, you push all of those potential customers to a gated product experience, where 90% abandon the process. The result is a staggering cost per lead.


Omedym allows your buyers to get to know you the way they want: through an on-demand, self-service product experience that leads to far more qualified leads than a demo form.

An Example Of How Expensive The Traditional Sales Process Has Become

Demand Generation

  • You spend a fortune getting driving traffic to your website in hopes of generating leads. Your web visitors want to see your product, but the only option you provide is through a "Request a demo" form. Unfortunately, 90% of visitors abandon your form, creating massive lead leakage that drastically increases your cost per lead.
  • This negatively impacts your growth and your operating costs.
step 1 demand generation

Qualification Calls

  • 10% of your visitors made it through your request a demo form. Now, they want to see the product in action. But wait - your process is to first schedule a discovery call to qualify them.
  •  Because you're putting them through your rigid process, when all they want to do is see your product, the buyer's engagement and interest weakens.
34% Of buyers access portals at night or on weekends (1080 x 800 px) (6)

Product Demonstration

  • After weeks of qualifying buyers, they can finally see the product in action. Unfortunately, your process requires face to face demos, which take months of scheduling to involve the correct people.
  • You've spent significant time and resources pushing buyers through your linear process, when all the buyer wanted is a high level introduction to your product (which could've been accomplished on day one, at a fraction of the cost).
34% Of buyers access portals at night or on weekends (1080 x 800 px) (5)

The Result: Forcing buyers through your non-flexible, linear sales process results in a low number of opportunities and a staggeringly high cost per lead.

Okay, The Traditional Strategy Won't Cut It. Now What?

Great question. Contrast your linear process with a flexible, buyer-centric approach. Click on the link below to understand Omedym's product right now, while your interest is high. 

Lower cost per lead by providing buyers an on-demand product experience.

Seeing is believing. Rather than gating your product content, allow 100% of your web traffic to see your product in action whenever and wherever they want to.

Omedym helps you skyrocket your engagement with prospects, let them self-qualify, and convert web traffic into pipeline at a much higher rate.

34% Of buyers access portals at night or on weekends (28)
34% Of buyers access portals at night or on weekends (27)

Reduce customer acquisition cost by replacing live meetings with digital engagements.

Live meetings take weeks of scheduling just to share simple information with buyers. Omedym lets buyers easily find the information they need to progress down the buying cycle within seconds, helping you save time and lower acquisition cost.

Why Are So Many SaaS Businesses Struggling To Grow Qualified Pipeline?

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Today's B2B Buyers Expect A B2C Experience.

B2B prospects expect the same self-service, content rich experience they’ve been conditioned to receive with B2C. They want to go at their own pace, to learn about your products before they engage sales, and want a light touch, quick response to their questions.

The Current Sales Approach Drives Buyers Away.

A rigid, step-by-step selling process frustrates early prospects who are not ready to talk to sales, making them unwilling to do discovery. And throwing more resources at early prospects makes the problem worse.  

Businesses Are Not Using Their Product To Build Pipeline.

Early prospects expect a self-service, rich product experience to gather product knowledge before engaging sales. Withholding product information limits their ability to self-qualify and encourages them to seek other options.  

Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost and Increase Revenue With A Buyer-Centric Approach.

How It Works

Private digital sales rooms make content searchable, letting prospects educate themselves and answer questions immediately instead of hunting through content.

Prospects can access their private rooms when it's convenient to them, including nights and weekends.

Prospects can easily invite other members of the buying team, enabling them to sell on your behalf.

Why It Works

Buyer actions provide continuous digital discovery throughout the sales cycle.

Digital discovery includes every action by everyone - every topic searched, seconds of videos watched, pages of PDFs read, and more.

This insight is sales gold, revealing your prospects' authentic intent. Sales now knows everything each buyer cares about, allowing reps to guide deals to close.

Over 50,000 buyer-centric digital sales rooms built! Read why users love it.