Customer Voice

When is the last time your sales reps complimented the tech they use like this?

"Quick and easy way to show your value without pressuring prospects into a long demo."




Juan D.

"[Omedym] makes it easy to pinpoint truly engaged prospects and tells me what is top of mind to them."




Enterprise AE

"[Omedym] allows me to tailor my next call around what the prospect is actually interested in."




Stephen S.

"Prospects can see our technology at the start of the sales process vs. waiting days to schedule a technical demo."




Enterprise AE

"It acclimates prospects to our platform on their own schedule. It takes the guesswork out of what topics we should cover and makes for natural alignment when presenting."




Lucy L.

"[Omedym] is a huge time saver. We have several recorded demos on the platform where I direct my customers. I can easily set them up with a profile and set them loose."




Mid-Market AE

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Grow Qualified Pipeline

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Karen Oxford-Melcher

VP Global Presales, MercuryGate

"Because our buyers are coming to us more educated, we’re able to have deeper, more meaningful conversations and even better demos because they’ve learned our lingo and how our system works up front.”


With Omedym, our buyers are better educated.

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Neil Lustig

CEO, Arkestro

"High barriers to information make buyers navigate away and you lose a sale. Omedym gives our customers a strong self-service journey to learn about Arkestro and share that with other members of the buying team."


Omedym breaks down information barriers that lead to lost sales.

Accelerate Engagement To Close

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Joshua Gratz

Director Sales Enablement, Legion Tech

“Bottlenecks early on in the sales process leads to no-decision deals. We saw a 40% decrease in time in stage for opportunities using Omedym compared before. We have seen our velocity increase dramatically, which leads to better implementation and quicker ROI for the prospect and happier customers.”


Omedym drastically increases our sales velocity.

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Kevin Miller

CEO, LegalSifter

“Omedym is helping us improve our overall conversions. At the end of the day, we need things that get sales done fast, and this platform is a big assist for us.”


Omedym improves our overall sales conversions.

Improve Forecast Accuracy

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Kevin Blessum

Sales Engineering Leader, ScaleWith

“It can be tough to know which deals are real and who is truly interested in your offering. Omedym shines a very powerful light on that with their real time analytics around who is viewing what, for how long, who they are sharing the resources with, etc. You can equip your champions with a portal of resources that they will be proud to use when selling your product internally to their stakeholders."


Omedym ensures you no longer have to fly blind in sales cycles.

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Chas Guy

Major Accounts District Manager

"Great way to get information to my client but an even better way to see what they are actually looking at and wanting to learn more about within our technology and system. It's also speeding up the sales processes and sometimes leads to us not having to do a demo."


Omedym shows us who is engaged with the different parts of our offering.

Omedym is empowering sales reps to become modern sellers. 

Today, engaging with prospects to deliver live demos is difficult. Omedym lets sales reps break through the noise using personalized videos and searchable content, all made available in an on-demand digital experience.


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Why Are So Many SaaS Businesses Struggling To Grow Qualified Pipeline?

Discover the ultimate solution for website enthusiasts with our powerful tool.
Whether you're a web designer, developer, or simply someone passionate about websites

Today's B2B Buyers Expect A B2C Experience.

B2B prospects expect the same self-service, content rich experience they’ve been conditioned to receive with B2C. They want to go at their own pace, to learn about your products before they engage sales, and want a light touch, quick response to their questions.

The Current Sales Approach Drives Buyers Away.

A rigid, step-by-step selling process frustrates early prospects who are not ready to talk to sales, making them unwilling to do discovery. And throwing more resources at early prospects makes the problem worse.  

Businesses Are Not Using Their Product To Build Pipeline.

Early prospects expect a self-service, rich product experience to gather product knowledge before engaging sales. Withholding product information limits their ability to self-qualify and encourages them to seek other options.  

Omedym customers are seeing dramatic improvements.


Shorten sales cycles by 30%.


Improve win rates by 25%.


Increase average deal size by 25%.

How It Works

Private digital sales rooms make content searchable, letting prospects educate themselves and answer questions immediately instead of hunting through content.

Prospects can access their private rooms when it's convenient to them, including nights and weekends.

Prospects can easily invite other members of the buying team, enabling them to sell on your behalf.

Why It Works

Buyer actions provide continuous digital discovery throughout the sales cycle.

Digital discovery includes every action by everyone - every topic searched, seconds of videos watched, pages of PDFs read, and more.

This insight is sales gold, revealing your prospects' authentic intent. Sales now knows everything each buyer cares about, allowing reps to guide deals to close.

Over 50,000 buyer-centric digital sales rooms built! Read why users love it.