Revenue Generation

Generating More Revenue Will No Longer Come From Hiring More People.

Omedym is your proven revenue generation engine in a buyer-centric world.

Top Growth Companies Are Adding Revenue By Making It Easy For Buyers That No Longer Want To Rely On Sales Teams.

Efficient revenue generation comes from guiding your buyers - not selling to them.

Does Making The Buying Process Easier Actually Work?

Think about Uber –same product as YellowCab, but they made it easier to buy. Think about Amazon – same product as Barnes & Noble, but they made it easier to buy.

And the same shift is happening right now in B2B.

34% Of buyers access portals at night or on weekends (31)
34% Of buyers access portals at night or on weekends (32)

Is Your Buying Process Easy For Your Buyers?

Think about how YOU learn about and evaluate software. You most likely prefer to research on your own and consume videos about the product.

Traditional, linear sales processes force buyers to take rigid, step by step actions that alienate most buyers, leading to low revenue generation.

Linear Sales Processes Frustrate Buyers, Leading To Low Engagement.

Low engagement with buyers means less influence and control over deals, which results in long sales cycles, low close rates, and more no-decision deals.

34% Of buyers access portals at night or on weekends (33)

How Does Omedym Propel Your Revenue Growth?

Your buyers want to buy. Empower them with a self-service, digital experience that is built specifically for them.

Limitless Digital Scale

  • Your sales reps may be stellar, but they're human, meaning they can only sell to one buyer at a time.
  • Omedym lets your organization sell 24/7 to an unlimited amount of buyers.
34% Of buyers access portals at night or on weekends (34)

Sell Between The Steps

  • Sales team productivity is at an all-time low. Why? Because buyers rarely engage with sales reps anymore, leaving reps in the dark about what buyers care about.
  • Omedym is your digital teammate – an extension of your sales team – that lets buyers continue their buying journey before and after speaking with your team.
34% Of buyers access portals at night or on weekends (35)

Guide Your Buyers

  • Omedym recommends information to buyers that helps them progress down the buying process.
  • Omedym empowers your sales reps with authentic buyer behavior insights, allowing them to provide timely, relevant support. 
34% Of buyers access portals at night or on weekends (37)

The Result: 15% increase in close rate, 30% faster sales cycles, and 30% increase in average sale price.

Why Are So Many SaaS Businesses Struggling To Grow Qualified Pipeline?

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Today's B2B Buyers Expect A B2C Experience.

B2B prospects expect the same self-service, content rich experience they’ve been conditioned to receive with B2C. They want to go at their own pace, to learn about your products before they engage sales, and want a light touch, quick response to their questions.

The Current Sales Approach Drives Buyers Away.

A rigid, step-by-step selling process frustrates early prospects who are not ready to talk to sales, making them unwilling to do discovery. And throwing more resources at early prospects makes the problem worse.  

Businesses Are Not Using Their Product To Build Pipeline.

Early prospects expect a self-service, rich product experience to gather product knowledge before engaging sales. Withholding product information limits their ability to self-qualify and encourages them to seek other options.  

Achieve Your Full Revenue Potential By Giving Buyers A Consumer-Like Experience.

How It Works

Private digital sales rooms make content searchable, letting prospects educate themselves and answer questions immediately instead of hunting through content.

Prospects can access their private rooms when it's convenient to them, including nights and weekends.

Prospects can easily invite other members of the buying team, enabling them to sell on your behalf.

Why It Works

Buyer actions provide continuous digital discovery throughout the sales cycle.

Digital discovery includes every action by everyone - every topic searched, seconds of videos watched, pages of PDFs read, and more.

This insight is sales gold, revealing your prospects' authentic intent. Sales now knows everything each buyer cares about, allowing reps to guide deals to close.

Over 50,000 buyer-centric digital sales rooms built! Read why users love it.