We have one goal

Transform the customer experience

We founded Omedym™ in 2017 with one specific goal: to transform the customer engagement experience. As a software company, we’re 100% focused on providing solutions that change both the economics and outcomes for our customers, as well as the experience for their customers and prospects.

Expertise from a team of
software veterans

Omedym is a team of software veterans. We’ve spent our careers in enterprise software. From creating the companies to developing, marketing, selling, implementing and supporting the products, we know what it takes to be successful.

The changing world of software sales

During this time, technology has changed the buying and selling process. Companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and marketing automation to meet changing customer expectations. Despite this, companies are still forcing parts of their customers’ journey to be stuck in the 20th century.

So now we’re on a mission.

We’re combining experience with innovation and passion to create business software solutions that allow companies to engage with their customers in a completely new way – throughout the customer engagement lifecycle. From the first touch of the customer journey – the demo – through onboarding, implementation, customer success and customer support.

Time to rethink the product demo

Here’s why we’re starting with the demo. Pre-sales and the product demo are the one area in software sales that are glaringly void of technology or real improvement in terms of process. Addressing both technology and process is the answer to transforming the demo. And, when done correctly, is proven to enhance our buyer’s experience, improve sales and marketing efficiency and significantly lower the cost of sale.

Welcome to a new customer engagement experience

It’s the age of the customer, and Omedym is excited to bring a fresh perspective to the customer engagement experience. One which equally benefits both your customer and you, the supplier. By giving your customer reliable and progressive ways to operate more effectively. And by giving you brand-new customer insights that increase revenue opportunities and drive down costs.

Welcome to Omedym. Welcome to a new customer engagement experience.

Welcome to Omedym!

Welcome to a new customer engagement experience!