• Legion Technologies was experiencing long time-in-stage during the sales cycle.
  • They implemented Omedym private digital portals to engage stakeholders more effectively
  • Legion Tech reduced sales cycles by 50% per stage with Omedym.
  • They experienced fewer "no-decision" deals and more closed-won opportunities.
  • Faster, more transparent buying experiences led to quicker ROI for new customers.


Legion Technologies is disrupting the Workforce Management (WFM) market with their innovative platform. Despite offering a solution with over 10x higher ROI than legacy WFM options, they were facing lengthy sales cycles that frequently led to "no-decision" deals.

The Challenge: Too Many Stakeholders, Not Enough Alignment

Typical sales cycles at Legion Tech dragged on for over 12 months, with buying committees consisting of 15-20 stakeholders compared to just five in the past. Keeping this many stakeholders engaged and informed via emails and phone calls was extremely difficult for the sales team. Sharing content like sales materials and pricing via email made it challenging to keep everyone on the same page about the problem they were solving.

This confusion around the heavy lift of switching WFM providers led many prospects to stick with their existing solution rather than risk making the wrong decision, resulting in numerous "no-decision" deals.

The Solution: Private, Digital Portals for Easy Buyer Enablement

To streamline their sales process and keep stakeholders aligned, Legion adopted Omedym to provide a single, transparent source of truth for each sales opportunity. They used Omedym to give each stakeholder a convenient interface to access relevant materials instead of searching emails, provide a regularly updated single touchpoint for an easier buying experience from start to close, and allow internal teams full visibility into each prospect's unique challenges, timeline, and deal history. Omedym is utilized across Legion's sales, presales, customer service, and executive teams.

The Result: More Effective, Efficient Demos that Propel the Sales Cycle

Implementing Omedym has been instrumental to Legion's success disrupting the WFM market. They experienced 50% reduced time-in-stage for each sales cycle stage, fewer "no-decision" deals and more closed-won opportunities, faster customer implementations so they see ROI sooner, streamlined handoffs between internal teams for better customer experience, and higher renewal and upsell rates. "Omedym fits beautifully into our 'Consensus Building' stage by allowing all stakeholders to easily consume relevant content. It creates a transparent buying process that gets prospects to experience our value much sooner," said Joshua Gratz, Director of Sales Enablement at Legion.

By empowering buyers with on-demand access to tailored resources, Legion has given their innovative solution the showcase it deserves while making the purchase experience far smoother for their customers. The Legion sales team now experiences 50% faster sales cycles, and their customers experience a buyer-friendly process and faster implementation of Legion's solution.

Hear Joshua Gratz, Director of Sales Enablement at Legion Tech, explain how Omedym helped accelerate their deal velocity in a recent webinar (click the image to view the video):

How Omedym Accelerates Sales Cycles At Legion

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