Leveraging chat to empower buyers and accelerate deals

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest feature available to our customers in Omedym buyer portals: a secure and convenient chat function that allows invited prospects to communicate seamlessly with sales teams, including exchanging files in real-time.

This new feature empowers buyers to initiate conversations with the sales team at any point in the sales process, resulting in a more convenient, streamlined buying experience.

Sales teams have the ability to engage with prospects in real-time and address their concerns promptly, accelerating the sales cycle. This feature also allows the sales team to track and monitor communication history, providing valuable insights to better understand buyers’ needs and preferences.

The chat function is designed to be user-friendly and secure, ensuring that all conversations and document exchanges are encrypted and protected.

We are excited to launch this new chat function and believe that it will significantly improve the sales process for our clients, as well as contribute to creating a frictionless buying process for B2B buyers.

chat file share 2


Finding Chat in Omedym Buyer Portals

How do you access the feature in the buyer portal? The new button is located towards the top left of the portal next to “invite a colleague.”

chat button location


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