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Buyers Tell All: The 4 Biggest B2B Buying Hurdles

This post was written based on a webinar given by Sarah MacKinnon, which you can watch here.

Sarah MacKinnon is a qualitative researcher and content strategist focused on helping B2B tech vendors see the glaring opportunities, gaps, low-hanging fruit, and no-brainer changes they can make to their go-to-market strategy to improve win rate and shorten sales cycles.

Sarah conducted a study where she spoke to B2B buyers about their recent software purchases. Four common hurdles emerged that sales organizations should keep in mind as they improve their buyer’s experience moving forward.

1. Buyers feel slowed down by SDR qualifying calls

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Accelerating the SMB Software Buyer's Journey

In the last week, I’ve had at least 10 conversations with B2B SaaS companies that are moving down market. Primarily enterprise software vendors trying to expand their reach by targeting the SMB (also referred to as SME) market - selling to small and medium businesses. It’s a tough transition, as I know from my own, sometimes painful experience. It becomes increasingly challenging, I believe, when you're selling directly to small business owners.

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