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Digital Sales Rooms: Why B2B Companies Need One and Which To Choose

A digital sales room is a virtual space where B2B sales teams can engage with potential clients and customers, share sales materials, collaborate, and close deals. Essentially, it’s a platform that enables a company’s sales team to conduct the entire sales process online, from prospecting and pitching to closing and post-sale follow-up.

There are several reasons why B2B sales teams need a digital sales room.

1.Reach more buyers at the same time

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Human-Centered Design: Does Your Sales Process Serve Its End-Users?

Don Norman is a well-known cognitive scientist and usability engineer who has contributed significantly to the fields of human-centered design and user experience. He is best known for his book “The Design of Everyday Things,” which is a seminal work in the field of usability engineering and has been widely influential in the design community. Norman is also a co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, a user experience consulting firm, and has taught at several universities, including Northwestern University and the University of California, San Diego.

In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look at human-centered design and the role it plays in B2B sales.

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5 Ways Omedym Empowers B2B Buyers to Buy

Empowering buyers to buy is crucial in today’s highly competitive business world. B2B software companies need to provide an exceptional buying experience to gain and keep an edge over their competitors. In today’s market where buyers have multiple vendors to choose from, vendors that make it easier to buy from will win out. The buying process must be convenient, transparent, and informative to give buyers the resources they need to make a confident decision.

This is where Omedym comes in – an innovative buyer enablement platform designed to make software buying easy. Here are five ways Omedym empowers buyers to buy:

1. Gives buyers access to product information early in the buying process

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Buyers Tell All: The 4 Biggest B2B Buying Hurdles

This post was written based on a webinar given by Sarah MacKinnon, which you can watch here.

Sarah MacKinnon is a qualitative researcher and content strategist focused on helping B2B tech vendors see the glaring opportunities, gaps, low-hanging fruit, and no-brainer changes they can make to their go-to-market strategy to improve win rate and shorten sales cycles.

Sarah conducted a study where she spoke to B2B buyers about their recent software purchases. Four common hurdles emerged that sales organizations should keep in mind as they improve their buyer’s experience moving forward.

1. Buyers feel slowed down by SDR qualifying calls

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